SmartShake the new running companion

The world of running has had an interesting week.  This week saw the announcements of the London Marathon Ballot.  Those accepted received a Yes magazine with a Bee on the cover and those rejected got Spider-man.

So I was rejected from the London Marathon, but never mind I have an even better one to look forward to.  The Yorkshire Marathon is this weekend!

With every run I always start with a shake.  I blend together, almond milk, 2 banana, scoop peanut butter and a spoon of Cacao.  I find it really helps energy levels, particularly on longer runs.  

Running can present itself with numerous problems, one of which is where to put your essential items when you run.  By essential I mean keys, spare change and snacks.  My latest running companion helps with all this in the form of SmartShake.

The SmartShake features clever compartments at the end for storing snacks, keys etc and the container itself for storing your shake.  You can store several supplements in the storage compartment if you wish, perfect for post run recovery.

SmartShake provided me with the perfect solution, allowing me to take the essentials I needed in one handy container.  Perfect for my final week of training!

Thanks to SmartShake for sending me the SmartShake to review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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