The baby and toddler show

I have attended the Baby show in the past but have never visited the Baby and Toddler show before.  With Thing 3 due next year I was keen to attend.  Huggies Pull Ups and Huggies wipes were both exhibiting and they invited me along to attend.  After an hours drive I arrived on the other side of the Pennines and was keen to get inside and take a look around.

Huggies were right at the front of the exhibition and it was lovely to meet some familiar friendly faces before heading further in.  I loved listening to the Huggies team demonstrating the benefits of Huggies pull ups and the enthusiasm on the faces of the parents as they realised that the new learning liner would really help them with potty training their toddlers.  The toddlers all seemed to love the Disney characters on the night time pull ups and all were interested in the videos.  The stand was constantly busy.  I had a great chat with the Huggies potty training expert, Amanda, and we shall be featuring an interview with her shortly.  I do not want to say much more on it at the moment, but keep your eyes on the blog.

With the arrival of Thing 3 next year it was great to have a chat with the Huggies wipes team.  A lot has changed since the girls were little and it was great to hear how Huggies wipes are made from natural absorbent fibres for healthy skin and are free from parabens, alcohol and phenoxyethanol, and kind to baby's skin.  This is perfect for me as another brand of wipes [who will remain unnamed] caused an allergic reaction to my skin and since then I have been very careful over baby wipes.  Huggies were demonstrating the different types of wipes in their ranges:

- HUGGIES® Pure Wipes provide gentle cleaning just like cotton wool and water and are perfect even for newborns

- HUGGIES® Natural Care Wipes are made from natural absorbent fibres and Aloe Vera to help prevent the cause of nappy rash 

- HUGGIES® Soft Skin Wipes are made from natural absorbent fibres, are delicately fragrances and formulated with Shea Butter and vitamin E

The HUGGIES® Style on the Go Wipes would also be perfect for us when I start running again as I can have them clipped to the pushchair or bag and would be very handy when out and about.  I think if I had the girls with me they would have been very interested in the Frozen design wipes.

The exhibition was divided into three main areas.  The catering was in the centre forming a square shape.  3 sides of the outer of this square was general nursery stands exhibiting everything you could think of.  Stands of all sizes and colours

It was great seeing new inventions and talking to those I have known for some time.  The bottom side of the square was full of pushchairs and car seats.  This was perhaps the busiest area of the exhibition and there were lots of queues waiting to talk to someone.  I did get to have a good chat with Kiddy and I got to see Cosatto Wonder in person.  I cannot believe how beautiful the Wonder is in real life.

I did not spend too much time here as it was busy with people wanting to ask questions but I did enjoy walking round the other stands.

The Baby and Toddler show was a great experience and next year I will be taking Thing 3 with me!  I cannot wait!

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