A fairy door is for life, not just for Christmas

Finding a fairy door when you are out on a walk has to be one of the most magical experiences for a child.  I remember the excitement on the girls faces when we came across this one

The girls love looking for fairies in our garden and I love to keep this magic alive within them for as long as possible

We had a special arrival in our house last week, a handmade wooden fairy door arrived from the Irish Fairy door company.  We have chosen to install our fairy door inside but could have installed it anywhere, including outside.

Our fairy door allows the creative team at Fairy HQ direct access to Fairy valley.  Once we installed the door I registered the fairy online and our fairy will deliver us play ideas, stories and messages via email that I can pass onto the girls.

Watching the girls interact with the Fairy door is amazing.  It gets their imaginations working and allows them to create a whole new world.  When they start loosing their teeth it will act as a door to the tooth fairy and at Christmas time it is to the fairies and elves helping Father Christmas.  For the new baby it will be the dummy fairy.  There are so many creative and imaginative uses that every child should have a fairy door.  I also love this way to interact with my girls and instill a sense of belief in magic.  Which surely is the essence of childhood.

Our fairy door is simply beautiful and am so pleased with the colour and style that I chose, there was a great selection.  There is bound to be a fairy door to suit any taste.  I also love that there are adds on to the door such as washing lines, door mats and clothing.  I have a sneaky feeling that these may appear over night to surprise the girls, it would be a great way to keep them believing in the fairy magic.

Every home should have a Fairy door, it is such a wonderful way to add some magic into child's life. 

Thank you to the Irish Fairy door company for sending us a truly wonderful fairy door, all words in this post are my own personal opinion. 

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