Lazy Sunday

I do love a Lazy Sunday.

The girls very kindly let me have a lie in,unfortunately spotty dog decided she wanted her breakfast at 8.30 but still I got some sleep at least.  We then spent the rest of the day doing those odd little things that needed doing, like homework and I finished the changes needed to the draft assignments.

We then decided to simply spend the rest of the afternoon playing games and watching DVDs.  I think it was the perfect thing to do as sometimes you just need a chill out day.  

My youngest decided she wanted to watch 101 Dalmatians and this seemed to capture the attention of spotty dog also.  I think she might have realised she is not a pure bred Dalmatian with the concentration she gave the film.

Which pretty much sums up our Sunday, that and waiting for the plaster to dry on the ceiling.  I cannot tell you how long I have waited to get the front room sorted! [Sorry for the boring picture]

This day I love a Lazy Sunday

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