Afternoon tea

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What's not to love about afternoon tea? I love cake, love sandwiches and of course scone with jam and butter delicious. Although not a tea drinker there are often fruit teas which I love or sometimes hot chocolate. Either way I cannot think of a better treat.

Imagine my excitement when Reform Social and Grill emailed me to inform me of their new Mini afternoon tea, but this afternoon tea had been designed for children and the big kid in me simply wanted to give it a try. Mini afternoon tea comprises of:

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches
Fish finger and ketchup sandwich
Chicken sandwich
Jamie dodger biscuit
Ginger bread man
Chocolate chip scone
Jelly and custard pot
Strawberry milkshake

The girls had a quick look at the menu and my husband opted for the traditional afternoon tea with free flowing bubbles. I however was far too excited about mini afternoon tea and ordered one of these to try.

My husbands afternoon tea looked amazing and very traditional. 

I managed to sneak a test of the after 8 meringue and it was divine. Mine and the girls mini afternoon tea arrived in metal lunch boxes and looked incredible, the girls eyes lit up and they soon tucked in

They licked their lips with delight and enjoyed every item of their afternoon tea. I loved it too, the gingerbread was home made, the sandwiches just the right amount of filing and the strawberry milkshake tasted fresh.

What a wonderful idea from Reform Social and Grill and incredibly well executed. If they were closer I could see us treating ourselves to afternoon tea more often.

Many thanks to  Reform Social and Grill for inviting us to Afternoon Tea, all words are my own opinion. 

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