The baby show at Olympia

The girls were very excited to be visiting the Baby Show at Kensington Olympia. They knew that we were going shopping for things for Thing 3 and for them this makes it more real that Thing 3 is coming. They each had their own ideas of what they wanted to buy, mainly toys but also clothes and baby blankets. I was keen to have a look at pushchairs and car seats for Thing 3 as these are the two main items we need.

There are plenty of deals and bargains to be had at the baby show, as well as talks and shows to attend. I didn't think the girls would want to sit and listen to the talks so instead we walked around and had a good look at everything on offer. The girls soon spotted the Stokke high chair and for the first time in my memory of attending a baby show, it was free for the girls to sit on. They took full advantage and thought it was wonderful, even taking a shining to the over sized cups.

We soon came across Tommee Tippee in the feeding area who had set up an Insta print station. Tommee Tippee had kindly invited us to attend the baby show and we enjoyed chatting to the team about upcoming launches. They also had some amazing show offers on their closer to nature essential starter kits. My husband and I took the opportunity to have a rare photo together

Which also meant the girls had theirs taken too. A lovely souvenir of the day and one to show Thing 3 when they arrive. I really love the photo of the girls.

We spent time talking to friends who we have made over the years and catching up on latest product developments. There are some amazing things coming next year from some fantastic brands and I hope to be able to share more with you.

After spending a few hours at the show and admiring several products it was time to leave, not before the girls spotted another giant high chair on the Annabel Karmel stand!

Thanks to Tommee Tippee for inviting us to attend we had a wonderful day!

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