Create An Energy Efficient Home For Your Family

Keeping your household bills down is a top priority for most families and for ours. Getting more for less keeps everybody happy. Making your home, more energy efficient is the easiest and most effective way of keeping household bills to a minimum. Do you know how to make a more energy efficient home? I've scoured hundreds of websites, and these seem to be the most common ways of achieving it. Some are large installations, and others are small things you can do daily. 

Turn everything off

It seems like quite an obvious point, but I bet you've left that bathroom light on more than once, my youngest is forever forgetting to turn it off. Simple things like turning all the lights off before you go to bed can make a huge difference in your energy usage. Modern family homes are full of computers, televisions, phones and sound systems. Ensure that everything is switched off and even unplugged if it’s not in use. Putting an electronic device on standby does not stop it from using energy.

Double glazing

Making sure your windows are up to scratch will keep the cold out and the heat in. Installing multiple panes onto your windows is the best way to do this. If you live in an older house, check for cracks and wear and tear around your window frames. This is another way your home can lose heat, so get them filled in as soon as possible. You can also buy more energy efficient window frames.

Replace old appliances

Appliances that haven’t worked properly for a while need to be replaced. Look for appliances with the Energy star certified symbol. This will give you confidence in knowing you are buying a top quality energy saving product. Go online and research for price comparisons on appliances, just always look for the energy star symbol. It may cost a lot to begin with but in the long term you will be saving yourself money.

Changing your lighting

Simple tasks such as changing which bulbs you use is another great method. Energy saving light bulbs will last much longer than normal bulbs. They may cost more to begin with, but if you place them in frequently used rooms, it will mean a considerable difference to your overall usage. Thus saving you money in the long run.

Energy Rates

Again you will need to do some research for the best energy rates for your family. All the energy companies will be trying to convince you that their deal is the best on the market. Always read the small print and find a deal that ticks all the boxes when it comes to conserving the most energy. You could even look at alternative techniques, such as collective switching. You can find out more about that at Gocollective.

If you implement just one or two of these ideas, your home will become more energy efficient in no time. Imagine how efficient it would be if you implemented them all. These ideas will not only sort out how you use your energy, but it will also be kinder to your bank balance and help the environment.

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