Fireworks and bonfires

Unable to attend a Bonfire night on the 5th or one at the weekend, my husband and I searched the internet to find an alternative to take the girls to.  We came across one on the 4th November and it was not too far from us.  Although neither of us had been before it sounded great and at least the girls would get to visit a bonfire night.

The event was enormous, with lots of fair ground rides to keep the children entertained, two firework displays and a bonfire.

We loved standing and watching the bonfire and it looked out onto all the fair ground rides over the park.  The event itself was free but you had to pay for any rides you wanted to go on.  We ventured over, the girls were more interested in the bonfire and fireworks.

The firework display was impressive and had a wide variety of colours and fireworks.  The girls loved them.

I certainly think we will go again next year!

This day I love Fireworks and bonfires 

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