Growing with Gro

I have spent this morning in the attic with my Mum looking through [and tidying] the baby items.  I had begun selling baby things but was pleased to see I still had a few bits a pieces left.  Sorting the attic had me and my Mum reminiscing about the different stages the girls went through and the stages we are about to go through again.

We discovered that I have no toys for the new baby, so this is something in the New Year I need to look at.  This means looking for a bouncy chair, and play mat as well to give baby tummy time.  A friend of mine very kindly gave me some newborn clothes and another friend has given me a Moses basket so I do at least have a start for when Thing 3 arrives.

Something that was clear, however, was the amount of products that I own [and have purchased] from the Gro company.  Gro have things from birth right up to my eldest daughter using the Gro clock.  Gro seem to have grown with my girls and as we start to look forward to Thing 3 will be starting the journey with them also.

A new product from Gro is the Gro-Snug.  My eldest daughter started as a newborn in a gro-bag and my youngest daughter began her journey in the Gro-swaddle.  Thing 3 will be starting theirs in the Gro-snug.  The Gro-snug is a combination of swaddling but with a Gro-bag.  It gives babies the feeling of security that swaddling does, but with the space of a Gro-bag allowing babies to lie in the natural frog leg position they enjoy.  There is also the options to have arms either in or out.  Which is great as my eldest always wanted her arms out and youngest arms in!

I also found my Gro-egg in the attic which was an item I purchased several years ago for my eldest daughter.  Neither girl needs this now but in the early days it was really useful to know the temperature of the nursery.  The colour changes also gave a quick clear indication if the room was too hot or too cold.

Once the nursery is decorated and the new floor has been installed I shall begin adding the finishing touches, including the gro-egg, into the nursery.  I cannot wait to show you the room once finished.

If you would like to win a Gro egg for a nursery I have a giveaway open until midnight GMT on the 8th December to win one.  Simply follow the widget below, where you can also find full terms and conditions.  Good Luck

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