A Month of Messy play

We love Messy play.  The girls love getting stuck in and getting creative.  They love experiencing new sights, textures and smells.  They have so much fun with messy play that we do try and do so as often as possible.  The problem I have at the moment is my health has limited the amount of messy play we can do.  I cannot lift, I cannot twist and trying to clean up afterwards is very difficult.

When AO.com got in touch regarding the Big Month of Mess I really wanted to take part.  I began looking through the activities and that is when it hit me.  I am really going to struggle with this.  Instead of missing out I thought I might put together a round up style post of our favourite messy play activities and hopefully at some point I will be well enough to complete one of the activities,

Indoor Snow

Our favourite Messy play activity is indoor snow.  Ever since the girls were little this has been a firm favourite.  Everything is great from the texture, to how it looks.  It acts and feels like snow but without the cold.  You can create Frozen scenes or build snowmen, it is such a wonderful thing to play with.


Gloop has some great properties to it and the girls love the way it behaves.  It is a great way to discuss melting and sinking and it only takes 2 ingredients to do


Nothing beats Mud and muddy puddles! Not sure I really need to add anything to that!

Soft and gentle Playdough

This dough is much softer than playdough and smells fantastic!  A favourite for unwinding and releasing some stress, I think I enjoy this as much as the girls.


Sometimes the best messy play is when it just happens by accident

What are your favourite messy play activities? 

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