Review : Orchard Toys Christmas Surprises

The weather is getting colder, the shops are getting ready for Christmas and my daughters have begun practising their Christmas songs for their school performances.  It certainly is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  With the girls getting into the Christmas spirit it seemed the perfect time to play Orchard Toys Christmas surprises game.

Orchard Toys Christmas surprises game is 2 games in 1, and suitable for 4 players.  The game needs an initial set up to pop out the playing cards but once this is done it does not need doing for subsequent games.

The first game is a colour matching game.  Roll the dice to display a colour and add the corresponding colour bauble to your Christmas tree.

 Whilst both my girls are confident with their colours it is a lovely game to talk about colours.  With my eldest I usually ask her how many more does she need? Or haw many more does her sister need?  To get her thinking about the words 'more than' to help her with counting up.  Both girls seem to really love this game and want to play before school

and even at bedtime

It is a great wind down and relax game and so is perfect to play before bed.

The second game is Father Christmas and his presents.  The dice contains different shapes and each roll of the dice corresponds to a different shape present.  We then had to match each shape present to the shape on Father Christmas sack.  

My youngest started guessing what each of the presents would be, every circle was a ball and every rectangle was some chocolates.  Love her thinking.  You keep the presents turned wrapping paper side up until someone wins.

Once you have filled Father Christmas sack with presents you get to turn them over to see what he has brought you for Christmas.  I love my daughters excitement at doing this

Whilst not part of the game I also wanted to share what my youngest gets up to with the counters from the game.  She likes to make letters from them!

A wonderful Christmas game full of surprises!

Thank you Orchard toys for sending us Christmas Surprises to review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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