The Christmas Pyjama has arrived!

If the secret to a good nights sleep is a great pair of Pyjamas then Hatleys Pyjama range is sure to promise a good night sleep.  We have a tradition in our house that every Christmas eve the girls get a new pair of PJ to wear.  They go to sleep on Christmas eve in their new PJ, all excited and ready for Christmas the next morning.  Christmas would not be Christmas without spending most of it in your PJ!

Hatley offer a gorgeous range of Pyjamas.  Matching for the whole family or just something to suit even the fusiest of tastes!  Ones with bright colourful patterns and others more simple.  There is something for everyone.  Their whole range is made from super soft cotton which is perfect for my eldest who suffers with ezcema.

I ordered a pair for my daughter for her Christmas PJ, she has not yet seen them as they are her surprise for Christmas eve.  I however cannot wait to show her.  They are incredibly soft with just enough stretch that they will give a snug but comfortable feel to them.  The colours are bold, which is just what I wanted and they are the perfect Christmas PJ.

My eldest is going to look amazing in them, now all I need to do is select a pair for my youngest!  Thank you Hartley for sending them for my eldest. 

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  1. Aww! They are just gorgeous!
    I bought my girls theirs a few weeks ago....I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas eve x


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