fighting stronger

Today has been a pretty horrible day, as a parent I experienced a moment I never want to face again.  An instant that afterwards had me so angry I am trying to find a way to make things right.  My daughter almost got hit by a car.  

We were walking home from school, the pavements on our way home are narrow.  As an idea you can just about fit a single pushchair on them but with no room for error.  We stood to cross the road, a large gust of wind came and my daughter lost balance.  She stepped into the road.  I saw the streak of blue zooming down the road.  Without hesitation I lept into the road grabbed her coat and threw her onto the pavement.  I was still in the road as the car went past.  It swerved just missing me, I felt the gush of wind go past my back

My daughter in tears, shaking and staring at me.  She said I hurt her back when I pushed her off the road, then the penny dropped and she cried even more.  ‘I could have got squished Mummy’ she cried.  She realised I had got her back to safety, she realised I was still in the road when the car went past,  She knew, she cried.  I cried.  We stood in the wind crying and holding each other.  

I hate that road.  I have done since the girls started school.  Witnessed several crashes, witnessed several near misses and experienced far too many near misses myself.  I have seen buses and cars mount pavements as they cannot control their speed to avoid a collision.  The road is a 30mph.  I can bet that most cars do at least 40 if not more.  Why the council won’t do something is beyond me, in fact I know why they are waiting for that fatal car crash.  That one time it is not a near miss.  That one child that isn't pushed out of the way in time.

I am refusing to let that be my child.  Refusing to let that be a friend of ours and refusing to let that be any child.  I cannot let it get that far.  I cannot sit here and do nothing, not after today.  Not after witnessing all those near misses.  I need to make today count, before it is too late.

Today has left me fighting stronger

This day I love Fighting stronger

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