An Audience with Father Christmas

There was a cold chill in the air today.  A wet and windy day lay ahead of us, but that was not to deter us from getting out.  Today the girls had a very important appointment to make, they were meeting Father Christmas.  Unfortunately for us a tractor and my getting lost made us a little late, but the wonderful staff at Brodsworth Hall kindly moved our appointment.

Brodsworth Hall is actually on our doorstep but yet we have never visited before.  A large mid Victorian country house surrounded by sweeping gardens, it really was a hidden gem that I wish we had discovered before.  I can imagine the gardens a delight to explore in the Summer months and would have loved to have done so today but it was simply too cold to do so.

The cold air perhaps gave the audience with Father Christmas more of a festive feel to it, either way there was something magic in the air.  The girls gathered with other children on the carpets in the great Hall and awaited the arrival of the big man himself.  There was soon the sound of jingle bells coming from the roof top, and a Ho Ho Ho bellowed out from above.  Father Christmas made his way down the sweeping staircase to greet the children.

There Father Christmas sat by the large Christmas tree and told all the children a story full of magic and wonder.  The children all sat engrossed and with wonder in their eyes as the big man in front of them captivated their imaginations.  Father Christmas made sure that at the end each child got to meet him and gave them all a gift.

What an amazing place for the children to meet Father Christmas.  We are hoping to visit again in the Summer months to explore the gardens more.

This day I love an audience with Father Christmas 

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