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My eldest daughter is lucky that she recently had her eyes tested at school and was found to have no issues.  My youngest will also have hers tested in school next year, I do not think there will be a problem as she has shown no signs of any.  Specsavers recently got in touch to see if the girls would like their eyes testing at one of their stores and to try on the new range of kids glasses, however as they had them tested less than a few months ago we decided there would be little reason to test their eyes again.  Specsavers has joined forces with City University London to launch pioneering new vision screening software across every single primary and secondary school in the UK – totally free of charge, meaning nine million school children will have access to their first vision screening.

My girls are therefore very lucky that they have access to an eye test at school but many children are not.  It is important to test their eyes as most minor eye conditions like stigmatisms, lazy eyes and myopia are actually correctable if spotted before a child turns eight.  Other children can be misdiagnosed with dyslexia or ADHA when they actually just need some glasses.

Did you know….

1.     National guidelines recommend ALL children should have their first eye test at the age of 4 years old (or even sooner if you suspect your child might have problems with their vision)

2.     90% of parents across the UK have no idea that minor sight problems can be corrected before a child turns eight years old

3.     Little ones don’t need to know all their letters or be able to read in order to have a sight test – special tests using images and colours have been created so all children can still have their vision screened

4.     Professor David Thomson from City University London says there is significant evidence to suggest that between 15 and 20 per cent of children in the UK have poor vision in one – or both – eyes

5.     Eye tests for children under the age of 16 are available free on the NHS

6.     Sitting close to the TV, holding objects close to the face, excessive rubbing and blinking of the eyes, squinting and one eye turning inside or outside are all key signs a child may have sight problems

7.     Over a quarter of parents surveyed by Specsavers said they saw an academic improvement in the performance of their child after getting glasses

8.     Over half of parents surveyed by Specsavers said they saw an improvement in the performance of their child’s social skills after being fitted with glasses

Some of the children in my eldest daughters class are now wearing glasses and I think my eldest secretly feels left out.  She keeps borrowing mine or making her own.  I remember when I was younger the range of glasses available to me was very limited.  Today thought children seem to have a wide range of choice, including their favourite characters.  Specsavers recently launched a new Minions range, with 6 different designs.

All minions glasses are priced at £64, but children under 16 get them free with an NHS optical voucher.  Specsavers also let children pick a second pair for free.  The glasses also come with flex hinges and SuperTough lenses.

The girls set up their very own opticians and began testing each others eyes.


They both concluded they needed glasses so began trying on pairs.

There was much discussion around the different pairs.  Colours, design, style, plastic or metal frame.  Although only 6 to choose from the girls had a lot of choice.

The girls each had their favourite, my youngest liked the blue frames and my eldest the black ones.  I think they look good in all of them

After they had tested each others eyes they then tested mine and picked out the following pair of minions glasses for me

The girls have been really impressed with the Specsavers minion range of glasses.  At least I know if they ever did need glasses there is a great range available for them at Specsavers.

This day I love the girls glasses shop

Specsavers sent the girls the 6 minion glasses to try in exchange for this post.  The glasses have since been returned to Specsavers.  All words are my own opinion. 

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