I see Me

For Christmas each year I buy the girls a book each.  We love reading in our house and this is a present that lasts them for years to come.  The girls can tell you which books they got each year for Christmas, it is something they treasure.

I See Me are the leading personalised book company in America and are now catering for the UK.  I knew when I saw them that they would make the perfect book for my daughter this Christmas.  There is a huge range available from ballet, pirates and songs.  The book I picked for my youngest however, was the Christmas book
 As I do not publish my daughters names online I have decided to use the images from the site.  However the book looks the same.

The book is a hardback book with a lovely glossy cover.  The images inside are vibrant colours with clear text.  The book can be personalised with your child photo on the inside front cover along with a personal message.  This gives it a real special touch and perfect for a gift.  When you personalise the book you can also add in extra names to appear on the pages.  

I love this touch as it makes the book even more special.  We have added her sisters name and baby, which means she will always be able to remember the year we gave it to her.
I See Me is a truly special gift to give and one which will be treasured for many years.  

Thank you to I See Me for sending a book for my daughter in exchange for this review. 

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