3 Lighting Tips To Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is probably the most used room in your house. It’s a place where you can entertain, cook and bond with your family. Yet one of the most overlooked aspects of a kitchen design is the lighting. Not only can the right lighting create a pleasant tone and ambience in your kitchen space, but it can also make it a safer environment. The key is utilising your available space and getting creative with your placements. 

Use adjustable lights over task areas

The task areas in your kitchen are the sink, the cooker and your work top areas. These are where your food preparation and cleaning are carried out and where you need the most light, why not try some adjustable pendant fittings. These counterweighted lights can be positioned above your task areas to provide additional light. The counterweight feature means you can pull the fitting closer as and when you need to. They can also create some interesting lighting effects when you’re entertaining and come in a variety of styles to choose from. For a dramatic effect, line identical pendants in a row above your island top or sink.


Under cabinet lighting

Under cabinet lighting is fantastic as it is versatile enough to be placed anywhere. You can use it under one of your cabinets or all of them, depending on the vibe you want to create. You can use a G4 LED bulb or an LED light bar to create this effect successfully. Positioning is key so always place the bulb at the front edge of the cabinet. This will give you the most even and thorough distribution of light onto your work surfaces or floor. If you want to create that professional look, you also need to make sure that you cannot see the bulb from standing height. Try not to choose a colour that is too artificial as it can make your food and your décor look harsh and unnatural. Accent lights could also be another option you try to bring some interest and intrigue to your kitchen cabinets.

Bring in some colour and interest

Your light fixtures are essential for brightening up your kitchen, but they can also bring some much-needed colour into the room. You could use oversized, bold lampshades or antique chandeliers for some splashes of personality within the space. You could also use patterns and clashing colours which can also create a unique feel. Kitchen remodels can be expensive. Instead of changing your worktops and cabinets, you can just alter the colour of your light fittings when you feel like a change.

These lighting tips will change the entire mood of your kitchen and could even add some value onto your home, what tips do you have?

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