A Friday afternoon

I love having the afternoons with just me and my youngest, I am certainly going to miss it just the two of us.  When Friday comes around it becomes clear that she is simply tired and really does not want to do very much.  Having been a little off her usual self this week also we opted for a chilled afternoon.

After having my drawing skills put to the test, which are minimal I have to say, we decided to do some jigsaw puzzles.  She has become very independent recently and wants to do them herself, I do not mind as I love watching her concentrate.

Youngest doing jigsaws

Part way through our jigsaw building my phone beeped to alert me to an email.  I do usually have it on silent when I am doing something with my youngest, however fate must have known.  

Butlins 2016

We have been selected as Ambassadors for Butlins in 2016.  Incredibly excited is perhaps an understatement and we cannot wait to share our adventures.

A really wonderful Friday afternoon

This day I love a Friday Afternoon 

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