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Maverick books are set to have a very exciting year. They have recently launched their storytellers scheme and whilst I have not been asked to write about it, I think the scheme is fantastic and wanted to share. As you know we have a real passion for reading and a scheme which helps to promote the magical world that books can open up is one which needs to be shared. I may look into joining the scheme after Thing 3 arrives and more details can be found here.

January has also seen 3 books published.

Maverick January books

The first is Hopping Hot which is the third book in the Hedgehugs series. The girls are already familiar with this series and have loved all the Hedgehugs books to date, Thing 3 also has the hard book books ready for them to join in the fun. Hoppin hot follows the story of Hattie and Horace who are the best of friends and want to hop.  

Strictly no crocs is by debut author Heather Pindar. It sees the crocodiles not receiving an invite to the party. They come up with a clever plan but will they see it through? The illustrations in this book are by Susan Batori and remind me of Quentin Blake's style of illustrating. They are fun and quirky characters who add real humour to the story. The girls find the story rather funny and it is a nice quick easy read for those nights when you want an enjoyable fun story.

The third book is Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip.  This is the girls favourite of the 3 books and one which has really inspired their imagination.  As a result they have both been busy building Oojamaflips out of random boxes and materials they can find.  I love books which inspire this amount of thinking in children and also ones which encourage them to be active or take an interest in a subject like science.  

Three really wonderful books and something for everyone.  Thank you for sending them Maverick books, we love them.  

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  1. Wow, building Oojamaflips, that's fantastic!!! Great to hear they were so inspired. Thank you for a lovely review.


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