Push present - third time lucky

Along with baby showers, push presents seem to be another American trend that is becoming increasingly popular in this country.  When my girls were born I had never even heard of a push present.  My first daughter made me who I am, she made me a Mother and surely that is the biggest gift there could ever be?  My second daughter expanded my heart in ways I didn't know possible.  Yet in some ways I like the idea of a push present.  Having your partner acknowledge the changes you have gone through in the past 9 months, the strain and pain your body has gone through and not to mention the pain and challenge of labour itself.

Push presents can take various different forms from jewellery to electronic items, with the most popular diamond eternity rings.  Here are some inspiration for Push presents

1. Baby feet necklace

This baby feet necklace can be personalised with babies details and is available from David Deyong.  It would make a lovely gift as you could also add siblings names onto the feet and make it a truly unique gift. 

 2. A break/holiday

Give the gift of a holiday or break away.  This could be anything from a spa break, to a full holiday away.  A holiday for the two of you, or a holiday as a family.  A spa break to give time to re energise and rest and relax.  

3. A locket

Lockets can be a lovely way to store photos and some can even be personalised.  I have seen some where people have put a scan photo inside with a lock of babies first hair.  This would make a lovely keepsake.
 4. Champagne

Toast the arrival of the new baby with a bottle of bubbly and celebrate together.  You could keep the cork from the champagne and keep in a memory box.  Even see if you could find the same champagne on the babies 18th birthday. 

5. Eternity ring

The most popular gift is a diamond eternity ring.  I love the idea of having a ring to sit with my engagement ring and wedding ring, it would symbolise the journey my husband and I have gone through together.  

We shall wait and see after the arrival of Thing 3 if my husband decides to buy me a push present or not.  The best present for me though will be leaving with Thing 3 in my arms safe and well, that is all I can wish for. 

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  1. I have never had a push present with either of my three children either. I love the idea of a special keepsake though xx


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