Review : Bravado designs new Maternity and Nursing bra

As my body changes with this pregnancy I am finding that I am quickly growing out of the maternity clothes I had with the girls.  It would seem that everything is getting bigger than it did in my previous pregnancies.  This does however leave me in a tight spot, as there are 5 weeks left maximum to this pregnancy and I simply cannot afford to spend money on things I will not be using long term.  One of these items is maternity bras and nursing bras.

Bravado Designs have a rather clever solution to this, their bras are both Maternity and Nursing Bra and thanks to a clever conversion kit can be made into a non-nursing bra afterwards, this makes them excellent value for money.  The Body Silk seamless maternity and nursing bra for example has a RRP of £30 and will last from pregnancy to baby and beyond. 

The Body Silk seamless Maternity and Nursing bra moulds itself to the changing shape during pregnancy and is both wireless and seamless, unfortunately for me my boobs are just too small to make good use of the clever design.  This is such a real shame. 

The versatile maternity and nursing bra comes in size S through to XL which is the same as a 32B - 46E [largest cup size is an E] and all sizes in-between.  My bra size is smaller than the chart, so it is perhaps not a surprise that the bra does not fit me, although I am disappointed.

I decided that in order to review the bra properly I would allow another pregnant friend of mine to try it, whose bra size does appear on the chart.  She was impressed at the comfort and how it moulded to her shape.  She also liked that it did not appear under her clothes so to give an invisible finish and that the clasps also remained closed.  However she did comment that the bra is quite a high fit so for some of her lower cut tops it would perhaps show.

The cups fully drop away allowing easy feeding and can be opened and closed with one hand.  

The cups are also removable which means for those who would prefer less padding they can be removed, or should you need to add a nursing pad this can be done also.

Bravado designs have recently added a new colour to its Body Silk Seamless maternity and nursing bra range, a gorgeous white blush with pink trim and straps.  The Body Silk Seamless maternity bra is a truly luxuriously soft and comfortable bra that stretches and moulds to your changing shape.  The seamless and wire free design provides extra comfort and for the first time in my life am just disappointed my boobs are simply too small to take advantage of this clever maternity and nursing bra.

The bra was sent to me for the purpose of review, all words are my own opinion. 

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  1. Great idea to be able to convert it into a standard bra. Sadly I have to opposite problem, I'm now too big to use this in my pregnancy, but I'll be sure to mention it to other friends

  2. This sounds great! At last a brand realising we need things that are multi functional during pregnancy and beyond! Will be checking these out as I still have 12 weeks left. Thank you #TriedTested


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