The brother Max 6 in 1 thermometer

The new Brother Max 6 in 1 Thermometer will be coming to stores from 1st March and has a RRP of £59.99.  This is a really innovative projection thermometer that we have had rather a lot of fun testing.

Brother Max 6 in 1 thermometer

Everything you need comes in the box, including the batteries which means that it can be used straight away.  The 6 in 1 thermometer is simple to use, 3 buttons on the front.  1 for forehead and 1 which displays the temperature in memory and a final one for other temperatures.  The 6 in 1 thermometer can take the temperature of bath water, liquids, food, skin, room temperature and forehead.  This is simply fantastic as it means 1 product is needed to test everything, instead of lots of different thermometers.  The 6 in 1 thermometer is light weight, a fantastic size to hold and really easy to store.  

the brother max 6 in 1 thermometer

The thermometer projects the temperature of the item measured which means it is contact less.  This is not only much more hygienic than traditional thermometers but also much easier to use.  There are no struggles trying to get the thermometer into the right place, or to get a child to sit still and  the temperature can even be taken when your child is asleep.

As the thermometer is so simple to use my youngest daughter even knows how to use it.  When she came home from school today she decide to play doctors and test how hot Mummy was, then how hot baby was and final how hot she was.

Using the 6 in 1 thermometer is childs play

This innovative product is certainly going to make life a lot easier with Thing 3, and as you can have lots of fun with it the girls are also really willing to have their temperature taken so no struggles when it has to be done!

We were sent the 6 in 1 thermometer for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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