What is in my Hospital Bag?

After a stay in hospital to monitor babies movements and a realisation that Thing 3 could be here in 2 weeks, I decided that it was time to back my hospital bag.

maternity ward monitor

The first time I packed my hospital bag I had no idea what to pack, this is my third time and I have packed simply the essentials.  Although using the same bag as I did with both girls, it is no where near as full.

I have come to the conclusion that anything extra I need can be brought in the next day by my husband and therefore I really only need to pack for 1 day and 1 night.  I also now know that the hospital also provide a lot of things, such as nappies, cotton wool and maternity pads so not to worry too much about these.

When Thing 3 will choose to arrive is a little bit of an unknown.  I have a scan at 36 weeks which could give me an induction date, or it could be decided to let nature take its own path.  I have been told it is highly unlikely they will let me go over my due date.  With all this I have decided to pack my hospital bag just to be ready

For Me

General toiletries
Maternity pads
Jogging bottoms
2x tops
Black pants 

For Baby

3x sleepsuits
3x vests
Gro Snug


straw [for straw breathing]
Hospital notes

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  1. I've tried to pack less this time too! I packed so much with my daughter and ended up not using half of it. It's true that anything you need or have forgotten can be brought in so its not the end of the world x #maternitymondays

  2. I have one of these posts written, I just need to do the photos...I'm leaving it a bit late since I'm due Thursday!! I have done the same and packed just the essentials, last time I managed to give birth without even having my bag with me, so I'm more relaxed this time around!

  3. Thanks for sharing, first time round I had no clue and you'd think second time round I'd be more clued up but I'm not! Great list and have taken some tips. Great read. Suz x beauisblue.com

  4. the snuggl bundl was the best thing I had-especuially after the section. Ooo it's getting very exciting now!! I can't wait (I know you can't but, you know hehe) #MaternityMondays


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