Lazy days and Bubble play

This week it seems we are woken in the mornings by the cold and frost, but by lunch time the sun makes a welcome appearance.  My youngest loves that we get to spend a few hours outside together before picking up her sister from school.  Her favourite thing to do at the moment is blow bubbles, and I adore watching her face as she watches them float away.  

I cannot do very much at the moment, in terms of activity, but blowing bubbles in the garden is something we can do together.  It also means we can get outside for some fresh air. 

The dogs also seemed to enjoy their time in the sun with us, and spotty dog refused to come inside

This day I love Lazy days and Bubble play

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  1. That photo of your daughter is gorgeous, she is going to be such a heart breaker as she goes up! Getting out and about can't be easy for you right now but thank goodness for a little garden space and a pot of bubbles, they are always fun! Thank you for sharing with me on #Country Kids

  2. Blowing bubbles is so much fun - I love the expression you've captured on your daughter's face as she's blowing them - it's just beautiful.

  3. Great photo of your daughter blowing bubbles. I find blowing bubbles quite therapeutic x


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