The 29th

Today is the 29th February

When my due date was given to me as the 9th March, I was suddenly rather excited at the prospect that Thing 3 might be born on the 29th February.  

I know there are many people out there who try their hardest to avoid having a baby on this date, but for me it is a special and unique date.  It is a date which means you become part of a unique group of people.  It does not mean you only have a birthday once every four years.

If you were to ask my youngest when her birthday is she can tell you the date but she has no concept of this date.  Instead she goes with the flow and celebrates her birthday on the date we choose, that is closest to her actually birthday.  This is usually the weekend before or the weekend after, when all the family can get together.  I am fully aware that as she gets older she will become more aware of the date but for now as long as she has her birthday in May she seems pretty happy.

My eldest really dislikes having an August birthday.  It never used to bother her until she started school, upon which she discovered her birthday is in the school holidays.  This then means lots of people are away and she cannot see her friends on her birthday.

I guess whenever your birthday is there are advantages and disadvantages to it.  

Today I am 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant, it is the 29th February and Thing 3 has 2 hours left to arrive to be part of this unique club.  

This day I love the 29th 

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