Things for thing 3

In the final few weeks [or days] before Thing 3 arrives, I am feeling really lucky to be able to work with some amazing brands.  This week Thing 3 has received some wonderful things, and I am getting more excited for their arrival.

Snüz Pod

Both my girls were terrible sleepers as babies.  My eldest wanted a hand on her cheek in order to sleep and my youngest liked a hand on her tummy or to be laid on my chest.  Both proved difficult to do in a standard crib and I would be sat upright most of the night until they eventually fell back asleep.  Whilst I would have loved to have co slept with the girls, in all honesty I was too scared to in case I squashed them in my sleep.

When I saw Snüz Pod I knew that it would have made such a difference when the girls were babies.  The mesh side allowing me to watch them whilst they are asleep, zip down side to allow co sleeping without my fear of squashing and a way for me to lie down and comfort the girls as they wanted.

Imagine my excitement when I found out I would be lucky enough to be sent a Snüz Pod to review for Thing 3.  To say I am over the moon is an understatement, I really feel lucky.  Along with the Snüz Pod I have been sent some absolutely gorgeous bedding, which I cannot wait to put Thing 3 in.

I have a feeling my Dad is also excited, a when he saw the box he wanted to put the Snüz Pod together.

I am going to be sharing a first impression post of the Snüz Pod, which will include how we found assembly, on the blog soon.

I simply cannot stop looking at the Snüz Pod as it sits at the side of my bed in waiting ready for Thing 3!  

Colours colours

Colours Colours everywhere is written by Libby Walden and illustrated by Samantha Meredith.  The black base for the book really helps to accent the colours and show off their brightness  I personally love this as it helps the little ones with the colours.  Some sections of the book are raised which helps little hands explore the book and engage with the story.  I really love the simple story which flows beautifully through the book.  The illustrations are really child friendly and help little ones want to engage with the book.  This will be a gorgeous book to introduce Thing 3 to colours. 

Colour Colours everywhere

Peekaboo 1 2 3 and Peekaboo A B C

We have a huge passion for reading in our house and we are all secretly hoping that Thing 3 loves to read too.  Peekaboo 123 and Peekaboo ABC by Gareth Lucas are gorgeous hard back books with large lift up flaps.  The books have made a stunning addition to Thing 3 growing book collection.  They are the perfect size to hold and share with a little one.  The text in both books is humorous and accompanied with bright colourful illustrations.  They are both great books and I think Thing 3 is going to love them.  Peekaboo 123 and Peekaboo ABC are published by Little Tiger press and priced at £9.99 each.  They will be available from the 10th March.

Peekaboo 123

Tomme Tippee Ultra

Tommee Tippee have launched a baby bottle like no other.  It has 85% of Mums saying that it is the best baby bottle they have ever used.  The Tommee Tippee Ultra offers:

- An extra wide teat to give a more breast-like shape for baby to latch on to, making it easier to combination feed

- A contour zone has been built in to the Ultra teat which gives a secure seal to help reduce air ingestion and comfort.  It also reduces the amount of air dribbles

- The angled teat on the Ultra ensures milk flows down the bottle even to the end of the feed, giving a more natural feeding position.

I cannot wait to give the Ultra a try with Thing 3.

Tommee Tippee Ultra

Deep Freeze

Not strictly for Thing 3, but this week I received some Deep Freeze patches.  I have tried to be as active as possible in this pregnancy but the problems I have encountered with hip displacement and torn abdominal muscles have not helped.

As Thing 3 has got bigger I have been experiencing back pain and Deep Freeze Cold Patch ensures  a consistent, long-lasting cold analgesia at the point of pain but without the mess and fuss of an ice pack.

The Deep Freeze Cold Patch contains menthol, aloe vera and water in a hydrogel layer which slowly evaporates to produce prolonged cooling relief without a hint of drips or dampness. The slim profile and flexibility of the adhesive patch means it can easily be hidden under clothing and is suitable for use on any joint.  The adhesive patch can also be worn without restricting movement or needing to be replaced frequently to maintain the cooling effect.  Once in place it will work for up to three hours.

They are easy to apply and really help with pregnancy aches and pains.

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  1. Ahhh, so excited to hear how you got on with your SnuzPod! We bought ours a couple of weeks ago and it's currently at my parents house waiting for us to pick it up. We've got about 3 months before Pickle's due date so there's no immediate rush to set it up. AND HOW ADORABLE IS THE CLOUD BEDDING?! I feel so posh having a SnuzPod and it makes me so so excited.


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