Updating the bathroom

This time last year we were putting plans into place to meet a design consultant for our bathroom.  We love our house and are slowly putting our own stamp on each room.  However we left the bathroom, en suite and kitchen to last, so we could save up and do them properly.

The bathroom and en suite are top of our wish list, and last year we met with several design teams.  In June we found the design we wanted and had planned to put down a deposit on the design for work to start this month.  Only things changed when we discovered that Thing 3 would be joining us, and instead the deposit for the bathroom went towards a new car.

Our bathroom still looks tired and dated and I wish we could change it, but until we save up again, I am planning on sprucing up the bathroom with a few accessories.


We have some glass shelves in our bathroom which are looking a little cluttered.  I would love some storage baskets just to tidy the shelves up, and make them feel like new.  Along with a new laundry basket, I think they space would feel a lot brighter and fresher. 


Our bathroom is a very neutral colour and whilst we are waiting to tile or decorate we can still add colour into the room.  One of the ways to do this would be through the towels.  I could use block colour, solid towels but instead I would love to add a real touch of luxury and add an Orla Kiely design.  I think this would really brighten up the room and make it feel like new

Bathroom Accessories

Adding bathroom accessories that match in with the colour scheme from the towels, would also help to uplift the whole room  These accessories can become a focal point for the room, and are something that can be changed really easily.  

I would love to know what tips and ideas you have for updating the bathroom.  It maybe a while before we can save up for our dream bathroom.

This is a collaborative post 

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