What is a perfect holiday to me?

It does not matter where we are
Stay at home or travel afar
A perfect holiday is for me
Spending time with family

family photo

To see the smiles upon your faces
as we explore new found places
Simply stopping to watch the world go by
or getting chased by an incoming tide

running in the sea

Splashing in the swimming pool
and eating ice cream to stay cool
Having breakfast out in the sun
Spending all day having fun

having fun in the sun

Playing in a water park
or building sandcastles, until it gets dark
Sledging in powder fresh snow
It does not matter where we go

Sandcastle on the beach

My perfect holiday is simply this
Anywhere with you is just pure bliss
as long as you are having fun
than I am happy in snow or sun

on the beach

This is our entry into the Mark Warner Holidays’ Family Ambassador Programme in the category Creative writer.  Wish us luck!  

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  1. Good luck!!! You'd make a great ambassador. Gorgeous shots in this post, as always.


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