SnüzPod, First impressions and assembly

In my latest Things for Thing 3 post I mentioned that we had been very kindly sent a SnüzPod.  In the post I also mentioned the reasons why I am so excited to have been sent one and cannot wait for Thing 3 to arrive.  I felt it would be a good idea to split my review posts of the SnüzPod into a few posts, with the first a first impressions and assembly post.  I will be making a video when Thing 3 arrives of our day to day to use of the SnüzPod to document how we get on on a day to day basis with the SnüzPod.

The SnüzPod arrives in one box with full assembly instructions.  If you follow the instructions it is really easy to put together and took no time at all to assemble.  I had planned to assemble it myself but my Dad wanted to put it together and I was more than happy for him to do so.

The SnüzPod has a shelf at the base, I am planning a trip to find some boxes to place on here as this will make handy storage for all baby related things, especially things you may need during the night.  The rocking action appears to be really smooth and both girls have put their dolls in and rocked them to sleep.  Finally the bassinet can easily be lifted and removed to be used away from the base.  I love that this also has a rocking feature and can easily be slotted back into the base when needed.  The base is also easily fold able and will fit underneath my bed for storage, should I not wish to use it.

The SnüzPod is made from Quality Beech wood low in VOCs and formaldehyde emission free.  Along with the SnüzPod we were also sent a Little Green sheep natural mattress which feels incredibly comfortable and I did look to see if they made them to fit my own bed.  In addition we also have the recommended mattress protector and the gorgeous SnüzPod bedding sets.  

The bedding is incredibly soft and feels really snugly, I cannot wait to wrap Thing 3 in them.

 Once Thing 3 arrives I will be attaching the SnüzPod to the side of the bed with the included straps.  Thanks to the adjustable height of the SnüzPod I have also got it set at the correct height ready to be attached.  All we are missing now is Thing 3.

I keep sitting in bed and looking over at the SnüzPod.  Peering in through the mesh window at the gorgeous design of the bedding and thinking to myself 'not long now'.  Not long until Thing 3 arrives and will be sleeping in the SnüzPod next to me in comfort.

All products mentioned have been sent for review, all words are my own personal opinion 

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