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I have spent the past 9 months in maternity clothes, and the last 2 of these in jogging bottoms.  I had such a big bump that nothing fitted any more.  I grew fed up of wearing jogging bottoms, as although very comfy I felt I lost a bit of my style.

Now baby has arrived, I still have a bump but I feel I can gain some of my style back again and begin to feel more like me.  I am experimenting at the moment with my new shape, I know it will change over time and am in no rush.  My body did something amazing and grew a person, and for that it takes time to recover. 

I have been looking at dresses that I can either dress up or dress down dependant on the occasion.  House of Fraser have asked what is #mystylemydress and you can follow the hashtag to see other bloggers styles too.  The Vero Moda shape dress is perfect for my style.  

I can team the dress up with black jeans for a casual look, leggings and boots for a more dressed up look or even tights and some nice shoes to make it a little fancy.  Adding accessories such as jewellery and a belt can also change the look dramatically.

How would you style the Vero Moda Dress? Let me know in the comments below

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  1. I really like the look of this...
    I think tights and a nice pair of shoes would look great with this.


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