A whole month!

I cannot believe my gorgeous little squish is a whole month old! Where have the past 4 weeks gone?  Time has simply flown by.

This past week Thing 3 has been suffering badly with colic.  We are trying everything we can think of to help ease the pain.  It is so horrible watching his little body twist and turn.  Thing 3 still loves to be curled up and their favourite place is resting on my chest [which is where he currently is] curled in a ball with his ear listening to my heart beat.

I feel as if he has always been here.  Thing 3 has just settled into our family and things are beginning to return to how they were before.  He is a real content baby.

Both my girls smiled at 5 weeks, and I am hoping Thing 3 does the same.  I am really looking forward to the next month

This day I love a whole month!

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