Review : TwistShake

Thing 3 has decided to be formula fed, which we are all comfortable with.  Having not had a formula fed baby before I am having to get used to taking formula with me when we go out.  This means organising feeds.  Twistshake helps with this organisation.

TwistShake is the net generation of baby bottles.  Available in 3 sizes 6oz, 9oz, and 11oz and a huge variety of colours, they also feature an easy grip design and heat retaining plastic.  There are several components which make the TwistShake unique.  The first is the container, you simply fill this with the desired amount of formula you need.  You can stack the containers to make up a days feed, or as many containers as you need for when you go out.  These containers can then be transferred to the bottle with no spills and no mess.

The anti colic nipple has a bulb shape and a flexible top which makes it easy for baby to latch to and feed from.  TwistShake is easy to clean and both microwave and dishwasher safe.  The real clever part of TwistShake is the mixer.  This effectively dissolves the formula and reduces the risk of clogging.  This ensures no disruption to the flow of milk for baby and can help reduce colic.

TwistShake is simple to use, easy to clean and easy for baby to use too.  Not only that it comes in some amazing colours so really stands out from the norm.  It is perfect for travelling or when you are visiting friends or relatives.  A really innovative baby bottle! 

We were provided with a bottle in exchange for review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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