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Now thing 3 has arrived we have been reminded how little new babies sleep.  In fairness baby sleeps a lot but for short periods of time, which means we all have broken sleep.  I had forgotten all the little things I used to do with the girls to get them to sleep.  My eldest liked white noise and my youngest the sound of water.  

Today is World Sleep day, I hope my kids take note of this and let me get some sleep tonight!  Although I think baby will have other ideas.  As a new parent I have tried the following:

White noise

My eldest loved white noise.  She has an Ewan Dream sheep which she loved and helped her to settle, there are also lots of white noise apps available to download.

Singing songs

Certain songs helped to settle the girls.  A familiar song sang each night before bed helps baby to settle and become familiar with bed time

Pushing the pram

Thing 3 loves to be pushed in the pram and will often fall fast asleep in it.  I can then transfer to the crib where they sleep really well.

Pretending to fall asleep

My youngest will fall asleep if you pretend to fall asleep next to her.  I think the motion of her watching your eyes close really helps her to settle.

Bath time

Bath time makes my children wake up but I know for many it helps them unwind and can be a great signal for bed time

Quiet time

Before bed every night we have quiet time.  This can be doing a jigsaw to reading a book, something to help them relax.

Baby massage

I give baby a massage before bed, which I think is helping to signal that it is time for sleep.

Bed Guru would like to know what are your top tips for helping children to sleep, or unwind before bed?  Feel free to leave them in the comments.  Once the kids are asleep Bed guru are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a bed time hamper full of things which will help a good night sleep.  As an example the hamper includes; Bettys tea room tea and biscuits, Yorkshire Soap co. candle,  coconut and Shea butter face mask and Sally Hanson French manicure kit, however contents may vary.  To be in with a chance of winning simply follow the instructions below.  

Bed time hamper from Bed guru

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  1. We stop screen time, any screen time an hour before bedtime and the bedrooms have no screens in them. H especially seems to be effected by screens and lights

  2. Some useful tips :) Thank you we are currently pregnant with our miracle baby x

  3. thanks for sharing


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