A Superhero wardrobe

Whether you are a DC comic or a Marvel superhero fan the shops seem to be filled with a wide range of superhero kids clothing.  This is fantastic for my superhero loving family.  My eldest loves Superman and my youngest loves Iron Man.  Baby has a superhero themed nursery and I am loving all the batman related baby items at the moment.  With the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice I can envisage more superhero related items becoming available.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that House of Fraser had a wide selection of superhero clothing for both the girls and for baby.  Granted some of the things for the girls are in the 'boys' section but to me they are suitable for both boys and girls.

Batman seems to be rather popular at the moment.  I love the all in one baby grow and think baby would look rather cute in it.  I have picked two jumpers out for the girls, the first I love the print on the sleeves and the non solid colour of the bat logo.  I think it makes it a little different from normal without being too abstract.  The second jumper I like the badge/logo look and think it makes it a little unusual. 

It is much harder to find Iron Man clothing, which often leaves my youngest disappointed.  House of Fraser did have a couple of T-shirts with the red one our favourite.  Most of the Iron Man t-shirts are when he is in the avengers and not just Iron Man on his own.  
There are some really gorgeous Superman clothing.  I love the traditional look of the Superman t-shirts with red detailed stitching.  The hoody has great details inside and I love the dark blue contrasting with the red.  I think though my favourite has to be the baby vest.  I like how it incorporates both Clark Kent and Superman into one outfit.

To find out which of our wish list items we own, check out the video.

What would be on your superhero wish list?

Thanks to House of Fraser for sending through the items in the video.  All words are my own opinion. 

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