Brio - The Lumber Loading Set

The New The Lumber Loading Set from Brio is perfect for imaginative play.  My youngest daughter has been really keen to open the box and begin playing

Inside there is the classic wooden track you would expect from Brio, along with a forest worker, his multi terrain vehicle, timber, Special lift and load vehicle with magnetic arm, lumber wagon and tools.  

My youngest wasted no time in setting up the track.

The track is extra special because it has mountain pieces and a long bridge.  This makes it different from the norm and creates a wider play.  My daughter loved that this worker could fit in the car, and as it was a car she used her imagination to drive it both on and off the tracks.  She was also impressed that the chainsaw fitted easily in his hand.

She went in search of leaves that looked like trees for the forest worker to cut.  There are wooden trees in the box but she did not want to pretend to cut these

After cutting up the wood the forest worker used the magnetic arm to load the wood onto the back of the truck, before transporting them. 

My youngest made up lots of stories and loved the magnetic arm and the swivel action on the transporter.  

The Brio Lumber Loading Set is recommended for ages 3 and over, it is really bright and colourful and incredibly well build.  My youngest loves to make up stories playing with it and it is great to listen to her imagination.

We were provided with the Lumber Loading Set for review, all words are my own opinion .

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