Review : Easy Mat

With both my girls I followed baby led weaning, this obviously meant that meal times were messy!  I also encountered numerous plates and bowl thrown at me, even some that were supposed to stay stuck to the table.  I intend on following baby led weaning again for Thing 3, and will be using EasyMat from Tots R us when I do.

The EasyMat is both a plate and place mat all in one.  It features a smiley face design and four suction cups to stick it to the table.  My eldest daughter tried to remove it by pulling and really struggled, which says to me it sticks really well.  The EasyMat will fit most high-chairs, however there will be an EasyMat mini launched soon which will be smaller in size and designed to fit high-chairs and perfect for travel.  It will also have a lid meaning food can be prepared in advanced and then transported directly in the EasyMat.

The EasyMat is made from Silicone that is FDA approved, BPA and PVC free.  As there are no extra parts of pieces there is very little that could go wrong.  It is incredibly easy to clean after use.  The smiley face design creates different compartments, which we found useful for our picnics

The EasyMat is currently in a launch sale price for a limited time (it should be £19.99 but it is reduced to £12.99, which is 35% off ) I also have a code which will reduce the price at checkout to £11.70

Code to get an extra 10% off is J2DPT4LF

The EasyMat is going to be great for when Thing 3 is weaning, and until then we will continue to use it for our picnics!

The EasyMat was provided in exchange from review, all words are my own opinion 

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