Half term holiday plans

Next week sees the last half term holiday before the kids break up for Summer.  It will be the last school holiday before my youngest daughter starts school full time in September.  She is really looking forward to school starting and I think is already on countdown to the holiday to be over and school to start.

We usually go on holiday over this May Half term, but with the arrival of Little man are currently saving up for a holiday next year instead.  We are however planning on taking a short break in the UK and are really looking forward to it.  It will be our first time away as a family of 5, and an exciting adventure for Little man.

If you are planning a holiday in the UK, you might wish to draw some inspiration from two amazing projects I have been delighted to be a part of.  The first is from Parkdean and is 101 little things.  The 101 little things draws ideas of things to do with children across the UK.  It is a fantastic list and full of inspiration.  The second is a project from Hatchbag and is Best of British: 101 Ideas for Having Fun with the Kids.  This is another fantastic collaboration which is sure to give you plenty of inspiration of keeping the children entertained during the holidays.  

We do have quite a lot of activities planned next week, and all the girls after school clubs are still running even though it is half term.  We are therefore going to be very busy and having a lot of fun.  I want to practise our den building skills too, in preparation for #denday which returns this year on the 17th and 18th of June.

Last year the girls took part in den day for Save the children at school and their imaginations created some fantastic dens.  We were on holiday and built our den in the garden of the villa.  It was a lot of fun to do and really used our imagination to build one not at home.  Whilst the event is a little later than last year, we are still planning on having a practise next week.  Any excuse to build a den!

Do you have any plans for half term?

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