Unusual finds for Father's day

It can't be just me that struggles to find gifts for Father's day, can it?  What is is about Men that make it so difficult to find the perfect present for?  I have been hunting high and low and come across a couple of unusual finds that would make great gifts for Father's day.

A trip to Legoland discovery centre

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester has launched a brand new play area, City Builder.  To celebrate their Master Model builder has re-created the iconic Manhattan lunch atop a sky scrapper photo out of LEGO®.  Why not take Dad for a day out to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester and let him loose in the City Builder to see what he can create with the kids.

Marvis toothpaste might seem a strange choice as a Father;s day gift but I think combined with another item could make a wonderful gift set.  Marvis toothpaste comes in some amazing unique flavours including Aquatic Mint, Cinnamon, Classic, Ginger, Jasmine, Liquorice and Whitening.  I think this would be great for Men who do a lot of travelling.

I absolutely love this idea.  I love sending personalised gifts, as I think they are just a little bit special and this is also such a practical gift.  As let's face it if you are anything like us you can never find a hammer when you need one.  You can personalise the hammer with a short message as well as the recipients name.  I think this would be a gift to treasure for many years.

Beard Shampoo

As a child I loved Roald Dahl books and whenever I see a man with a beard I am instantly reminded of the beard in the twits.  The one full of cornflakes and other nasty surprises.  Whilst I know this is not the case, I still always have the flashback to that book though.  For me therefore, if I man has a beard he needs to use beard shampoo.  Putting together a little manly pamper hamper would make a great gift and it of course needs to include beard shampoo. 

Blimey Mug

Mugs always make great gifts, well they do to my husband.  We have a running joke in our house that he has more tea in his body than blood.  Mugs therefore are always greatly received and in particular we like them to be a little different.  This Blimey Mug caught my attention, it is fun and quirky and certainly a little bit different.

Things we love about....

The things we love about poster is wonderful unique gift.  The first decision to be made is who to send it to.  Once this has been decided upon you then customise with your favourite things about them.  It could be they give the best hugs, have the nicest smile, are kind or like to play games.  After choosing you then give each a percentage, making sure the total adds to 100.  With your chosen colour scheme a pie chart is then created using your favourite things.  This would make a wonderful gift not only for Father's day but for Birthdays, Christmas or even for a teacher as a leaving present.  


My husband keeps introducing the girls to toys and items from his childhood.  He loves playing with retro style toys with them.  Just in time for Father's day is the launch of Stylophone.  I know this is something my husband will love.  

If you are not familiar with Stylophone

'Invented in 1968 by Brian Jarvis, co-founder of Dubreq Studios (whose name evolved from the abbreviation Dub/Rec found on recording equipment), the StylophoneTM has become one of the best-selling single musical instruments of all time. Envisaged originally as a ‘toy synthesizer’, the instrument’s unique method of play and classic synth sound, coupled with its uniquely small size, made it popular with professional musicians and the public.'

Whilst the new Stylophone maintains its iconic looks, it has been updated with some great features.  The first is a headphone socket.  This means as the budding musician is creating their wonderful masterpiece, the outside world can be kept in the dark until all is ready to be revealed.  There is also an mp3 socket so that you can practise along to your favourite tunes.

The Stylophone is really simple to use.  The stylus is tapped and dragged along the metallic surface to create a tune and alter the pitch of the note.  It requires no formal lessons and simply is fun to use.  I can really see the girls playing along with their Dad on Father's Day with it.


We reviewed Sugru last year and is something we use on a regular basis.  Sugru is simply amazing, you can use it to mould and create but best of all fix things.  Sugru now even have a gift pack available which would make a wonderful gift on its own.  Alternatively you could buy Sugru and use it to make a unique gift like the iPad cover I made

DC Comics Superman LED mood light

My husband loves Superheroes and comic books and the girls do too.  I think lots of children see their Dads and Grandads as Super Dads and it can be lovely to embrace this theme.  There are a wide variety of comic book an superhero related items on the market.  With things to suit all tastes and all budgets.  Something that really caught my eye was this Superman light.  I love the look at feel of the light, how it can be used with batteries so it becomes portable.  I think it makes a great addition to any superhero fan!

And for the Little Man in your life.....

I know it should be Father's day but sometimes I think it can also be nice to treat the little man in your life too!

I love my Daddy

I personally think one of the best gifts we can give is the gift of reading.  The girls love listening to stories before bed and Little man falls asleep every night listening to a story.  One Father's Day it would be lovely for the children to read a story with their Dad and I love my Daddy is the perfect choice.

I love my Daddy follows on from I love my Mummy.  The artwork from Fhiona Galloway is bright and colourful, the book is very interactive with finger holes and the cut out stars.  The story is written in beautiful rhyme by Jonathan Litton which makes it really enjoyable for children to sit and listen to.

No money has been received to write this guide.  Some of the items have been received in exchange for a mention, but all words remain my honest opinion. 

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