Rockin baby SS16

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My girls both have very different tastes when it comes to clothes. One preferring all things associated with a stereotypical girl and the other much more Tom boyish, yet still wanting to wear skirts and dresses. Little man is yet to find his own style but we tend to like bold prints and bright colours. Although black and white also seem to be featuring quite a lot.

When shopping for clothes I like to find items which are going to allow my daughters skin to breathe, as she has eczema and also which both look and feel good. Rockin baby are a rather amazing company. They partner with non profit organisations around the world to help those in need and so for every item purchased they donate another. They have such a strong core belief to help that their passion shines through their range.

Each piece is lovingly designed and manufactured. They source sustainable materials and use low impact dyes. The range is fun, fashionable and affordable. 

There are gorgeous design touches making each item feel something special. 

Materials are soft and breathable. It is evident why Rockin baby are award winning.

My little man looks stylish in his outfits and have had many comments on his Rockin baby outfits.

The girls love the prints and designs and they are fantastic for eczema prone skin. I love they wash, dry and iron well but most importantly my kids are over the moon when they get to wear their Rockin baby clothes.

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