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It can sometimes be tricky juggling three children. Each of the girls have their various after school clubs, not to mention homework on top. Added to this that blogging and my freelance digital work are all home based work I often feel I could do with an extra pair of hands. As I write this I am sat on a train bound for London to attend a very exciting press launch. I am however not alone, my son is coming with me.

Imagine my current situation, I am sat on the train looking after my baby boy yet I am also hands free. I am able to work, eat my breakfast and have him close to me whilst having full use of both hands. He is on my lap and securely fastened to me with a Lapbaby.

Whilst a Lapbaby is baby wearing, it is not a sling or carrier instead it is a rather clever device that holds baby on your lap leaving you able to eat your breakfast with 2 hands. Lapbaby is for babies who can support their own heads and so our journey with it has only just begun. It is also intended for use if you are sat and not a support when stood.

We maybe at the beginning of our journey with Lapbaby but already it is proving invaluable. It is quick to put on, easy to use and stores in a pouch perfect for putting in our changing bag. It is also comfortable to wear. Lapbaby means my son is kept close to me and I can interact with him whilst I eat or work, it means I can help the girls with their homework and I can watch them at their after school clubs without worrying where I will leave a pushchair. Lapbaby gives me that extra pair of hands I need so that all 3 of my children can have my attention. Lapbaby also means I get to eat with both hands!

Lapbaby was sent to us for review, all words are my own opinion 

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