The Ever so series

There is a small part of me that really wants to live in Hamilton Shady.  Hamilton Shady is a fictional town from the 'Ever so' series of stories.  Each story features a larger than life character who helps to teach children about the dangers of bad habits.  There are currently 5 books in the series.  Each story is told in a fun rhyme and has beautiful illustrations to match.  The girls have been spotting characters from the stories in each book, with Mrs MacCready appearing in Dorothy Jane for example.

Mrs MacCready - teaches you not to be greedy.  The girls find the ending rather funny! I won't ruin the surprise but it makes them laugh.

Nosy Tabitha Posy - not to be nosy.  It is good to be curious but this book helps to explain what happens when nosiness goes a step too far.

Vain Dorothy-Jane - this is the girls favourite in the Ever so series and I think mine too.  It has a rather lovely ending.

Loud Daniel O'Dowd - this is one of the books that resonate the most in our house

Bossy Jonathan Fossy - The latest book in the series.  A book which features pirates is always a winner with the girls.

As you can see there are some very colourful characters in Hamilton Shady and things are certainly never dull!  

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