A Marvel[lous] day out

Little man was very excited for his first train ride and his first trip to London.  The girls were really excited to be going to London too.

The girls were really good on the train to London, they had their moments but that is to be expected.  We arrived in London just in time for our lunch before heading over to a top secret location.

We had been invited to a special preview of Marvel universe live.  The show has already been seen by over 2 million people and from September it will be touring the UK.  Feld Entertainment are the team behind the production, and it promises to be an adrenaline packed show.

Our superhero day began with some colouring of our favourite superheroes

The girls were then invited to sit on the beanbags to watch a short film about Marvel Universe Live

Marvel Universe Live is an action packed live arena show featuring all the much loved superheroes.  The girls were transfixed and have asked when we can go see the show.  Whilst the show kicks off the tour this September it does not come to Sheffield until January so we will have to wait until the New Year.

It was soon time for battle to commence, as the girls took on the roles of Captain America and Iron Man!

They both seemed to be really enjoying themselves and probably would have stayed there had it not been time to meet some of the cast members from the show.

Spiderman was lots of fun and had all the children laughing and enjoying themselves.  He had a mini spiderman school were he taught the children lots of spiderman moves.  My girls really loved it and have been practising at home 

Thank you to the cast from Marvel Universe Live and to Feld Entertainment for giving the girls a Marvellous day out

This day I love a Marvel[lous] day out

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