What makes the perfect biscuit?

A perfect biscuit needs to be
strong to dunk in tea

A perfect biscuit must have
the strength to snap in half

A perfect biscuit needs to leave
crumbs all over the settee

A perfect biscuit to be great
needs coating in yummy chocolate

You know the Choco Leibniz from Bahlsen is going to be great when you take one look at the biscuit and note the level of chocolate.  As a chocolate biscuit it certainly ticks every box.  It has a great crunch and is fantastic for dipping as the chocolate melts around the biscuit.  This has certainly been a favourite in our house. Flavours include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, orange chocolate, white chocolate and caramel.  My favourite has been either dark chocolate or caramel.  The girls like milk chocolate.  

Another favourite from Bahlsen is the PiCK UP!  This differs from the Choco Leibniz, as it is a nice slab of chocolate sandwich between two crisp biscuits.  Like the Leibniz it is a great biscuit for dunking and gives you a satisfying hit when you craze chocolate. Flavours include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, caramel and black n white. A perfect choice for the whole family.

As a family we love both these biscuits from Bahlsen and have to say they are incredibly close to perfection.

Thank you Bahlsen for sending some samples to try, all words are my own opinion   

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