130 rolls

I never thought that I would get excited over grass.  Seriously, grass.  The green stuff we perhaps all take for granted, but today I got excited by grass.  Not just a little bit, but 130 rolls of grass!  I had intended to fit the grass myself but decided against it when little man arrived.  I am so glad I did now as 130 rolls is rather a lot of grass.

We decided some time ago to make better use of our garden.  Whilst it looked rather pretty it had lots of pointless spaces.  Pure and simple they were decorative spaces, but they got in the way of the girls playing.  They made trip hazards with the edging, and they served no purpose, other than looking nice.  They had to go and be replaced by grass, to give the girls and Little man room to play.  Room to run around and just be kids without having to worry about tripping over the border.

I watched in awe as they dug out the ground, my whole garden turned upside down, edging ripped out the ground, slate and stones re positioned and finally after 4 years a border round the flowers with no broken bits!  This in itself a big achievement.  Leveling the ground and preparing it ready for the turf to be laid, I laughed at myself at the thought of doing this myself.  There was so much preparation to be done and so much hard work went into preparing the ground.

The garden seems to have tripled in size and I cannot wait to see it tomorrow.  Tomorrow the turf gets laid!

This day I love 130 rolls!

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