Educational Play the Schleich Way

My children learn best through play.  I personally feel that when learning is fun that children will often learn more as they become engrossed in what they are doing.  Not only this but they also remember what they did.

‘Educational Play the Schleich Way’ is a new initiative from Schleich.  Schleich have created a 16 page brochure to accompany the campaign and within it is a wealth of ideas.  The guide begins by discussing the different roles within a balanced play diet.  This was something I had never thought of before, but it makes perfect sense.  Giving children a mixture of active, social, Creative and free play.  Another important point the guide makes it to be there for your child and to play with them.  I think we all get busy sometimes and it is important to make time to play.

The guide also explores other issues such as sharing.  With each one it gives ideas of how to help and makes suggestions of how to use some of the Schleich range.  I felt it very important that the guide states not to gender stereotype toys because every child is different.

My youngest is learning about size at school and so we used our Schleich toys to extend this learning at home.  First we lined our toys up with the biggest ears, then by size and finally feet.

When we had collected her sister from school the girls played together in the garden with the Schleich animals.  My youngest showed her sister which was the biggest and which had the biggest ears, reciting everything we had talked about earlier.  The girls then began to bath the animals before taking them down to the grass for some food.  They each took it in turns to look after each animal and it was simply lovely listening to their story unfold as they played together.

Schleich toys have been a success with the girls.  They love how detailed each one is, so things like sorting is made easy.  The details also spark conversations as they discuss which has more black on it, the zebra or the cow?.  They also love that they can play with them in water as well as out of the water, without damaging them!

If you would like to find out more about the Schleich campaign there is a link to the brochure in the side bar.

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