Cheeky Monkey

Little Man has been showing off his personality today.  His cheeky grins and little laughs, his likes and dislikes.  Even at 14 weeks he knows what he wants and he knows how to get it too!  He appears to know what the word 'milk' means.  Whilst this past week Little man has been discovering his hands, today he has begun sucking his thumb and trying to grab.  His sisters need to be careful as he has had his first pull of hair!

I think he knows that his sister has come home from school as in the afternoon his personality seems to change.  Mornings he is really content settles himself for a nap and is really quite chilled.  In the afternoon he refuses to nap, no mater how tired he is and this makes him a bit cranky.  I am yet to discover if this is his way of fighting for my attention or because he wants to be involved and play with his sister.  I guess only time will tell.

He seems to have different smiles for different people, as if recognising who his close family members are.  His reflux seems to be under control at the moment, although we do have the odd day where you can tell it is making an appearance.  

Little man is very different to the girls at this age.  He appears much more 'babyish' which I have no complaints over.  In fact I love that he still curls when picked up and still has that newborn smell, although I am sure this will not last much longer.  I also love how he is changing, how he now rubs his eyes when tired, or how he smiles when he sees me.  

My Little man might be going through a few clingy days but that's ok, at the moment his world is changing and he needs to make sure I am still here.  

This day I love my cheeky monkey 

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