Babywearing adventures - AmaWrap

My love for baby wearing is well documented.  With three children to look after it can often be an essential part of our daily routine.  Baby wearing can mean the difference from me having anything to eat that day and going hungry.  For Little Man Baby wearing also makes a huge difference.  His colic becomes a lot more controlled, his reflux is kept to a minimum and he is generally a much happier baby.

Little Man is going through a growth and development week, which means he is a lot more clingy than usual.  He is wanting the comfort and reassurance to know that I am near him and he does give wonderful cuddles.  I also have 2 other children that need my attention so the AmaWrap has come in very handy this past week.

When I first started using wraps I did worry about the method used to tie them, but now it is second nature.  The AmaWrap has a little stretch in it, not as stretchy as others so I have had to get used to fastening a little looser than I would with a more stretchy wrap.  Whilst there are a variety of colours to choose from, I personally much prefer the more natural colour as it goes with everything, and my husband is then more likely to use the wrap also.

The AmaWrap dries quick if washed, which means you can wash over night ready for use the next day [it is warm at the moment so not sure if this has something to do with the drying time?].  The slight stretch in fabric does mean you can get a very supportive hold, and comfort on your back.  I liked how the material was easy to spread over the shoulders to give extra support, which can sometimes be tricky with other wraps.

If you are new to using wraps the AmaWrap would be a good one to try as the instructions are clear and simple to follow and the wrap itself is easy to work out which way to tie.

The AmaWrap also comes in a handy bag which means it is perfect to pop in a change bag, or simply to have in the car for those 'just in case' situations.  Overall a very supportive baby wrap which is fast becoming my go to.

Thanks to AmaWrap for sending the wrap in exchange for my my honest opinions. 

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  1. I love slings & wraps too. I've never used an ama wrap but had a Moby which is similar to this one and it was a Godsend with my little boy's silent reflux too. I'm currently using a frauline heubsch half buckle which I have hired and it's great. Your baby is gorgeous! Lovely pics :)


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