The Gruffalo Child

With so much rain I have found it really difficult to get out and about with my youngest and she is beginning to go a little stir crazy.  An email from Cast in Doncaster regarding a new show 'The Gruffalo child' could not have come at a better time.  After school I took my daughter to Doncaster to watch the performance.

We have been to Cast before and my youngest got very excited when she spotted the building.  She became more excited once she spotted the Gruffalo child posters and skipped all the way inside.  I was excited too, as all previous shows at Cast have been fantastic that I had no reason to suspect this would be any different.

We were not allowed to take photos of the performance, which is a shame, but we still really enjoyed it.  The show is performed by 3 cast members, who also produced Room on the Broom.  There were lots of laughs, and a little audience participation and the only scary part was at the end where the Gruffalo Child meets the mouse [I won't spoil it].  Even this part wasn't really scary but it was certainly the only scary part.

My youngest loved snake, she found him really funny and entertaining and I have to agree.  The characters were portrayed magnificently and the show was wonderfully adapted from the book.  It was a really wonderful performance that both my daughter and I enjoyed.

We would like to say thank you to Cast for inviting us to watch the Gruffalo Child, and also saving us from another day stuck inside avoiding the rain

This day I love the Gruffalo child

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