Travel essentials for baby

We are looking forward to taking our first holiday as a family and although we are not going far it will be our first holiday as a 5.  Travelling with a 3 month old brings about certain challenges.  We are lucky that there is laundry facilities on site so we can manage clothing, but there are a few extra things we need to pack.

First aid kit

A good first aid kit is a must when travelling.  My youngest daughter is incredibly clumsy and trips over various invisible items on a regular basis, which means we always have to have a first aid kit with us.  

Our first aid kit is from The little health company and contains

1 x Basic advice for first aid leaflet
2 x instant ice packs
1 x hydrogel burn dressing
2 x medium wound dressings
1 x large wound dressing
1 x Triangular Bandage
12 x Safety Pins
1  x Eye Dressing
30 x Washproof Plasters
12 x Antiseptic Wipes
1 x Roll Microporous Tape 
6 x Pairs non latex Gloves
2 x Finger Dressings
1 x CPR Face Shield
1 x Foil Blanket 
1 x Clothing scissors
1 x Conforming Bandage

The great thing about our health kit is that it contains instant ice packs, which if you have little ones you use quite a lot of.  It also is stored in a bright orange case so it is easy to locate among any other items, either in the car or in a cupboard at home.

Although we are staying in the UK, there is a swimming pool on site and we are looking forward to letting Little man have his first experience of swimming.  He is a big water baby already and adores his baths so this should be a great experience.  The swim suit we have is made of neoprene, so will help to keep him warm.  It also features an inbuilt nappy so any mess is contained and can be washed away afterwards.  Although I may still use a nappy with him just to be over cautious.

As we are not sure if there is a microwave in our holiday home, or what kind of catering facilities if any we have decided to take our Milton Combi steriliser.  The Milton Combi can be either cold water sterilisation or microwave.  This means that even if there is no catering facilities in our holiday home we can still sterilise all feeding equipment.

The steriliser is easy to use in cold water mode, cold water is filled to the 5L line and 1 steriliser tablet is placed in the solution.  Items are sterilised in 15 minutes and stay sterile for 24hours.  During this time frame items can be removed and added as needed.  There is no need to rinse as items can be used straight from the steriliser.  

This method makes it perfect for travel as we will have access to a cold water tap and we will know that all feeding items can be sterilised quickly and easily.  The lid has a great seal making spilling highly unlikely and the strong carry handle means it can also be transported.

Shnggle and Infacare

Little man has just got into a routine, and knows that after his bath it is bed time.  We want to keep this whilst we are away and so will be taking his shnuggle bath with us.  Little man has been able to sit unsupported in the shnuggle bath from 10 weeks old, which makes it really easy to bath him in.  I think I would struggle bathing him over a sink, and the depth of the shnuggle also helps soothe his tummy before bed.  It is a great size so easy for us to transport.

Little man loves to have lots of bubbles in his bath.  He loves to curl his toes into the bubbles as if trying to grip them.  

The girls never had bubble baths, as we could not bath my eldest because of her skin.  As I would bath both girls together this meant my youngest daughter also missed out.  We never really experimented with different bath bubbles even the gentle ones, as we did not want to risk an outbreak so bathing Little man is a whole new experience and one which we can discover new brands.

We discovered InfaCare baby bubbles and Little man loves them.  InfaCare makes lots and lots of bubbles, perfect for his little toes to squeeze.  A little squirt also goes a long way meaning a bottle lasts a long time.  Infacare is ph balanced and Ultra mild so it is perfect for Little man and his delicate baby skin.

Some items in this post have been provided for review, all words are my own opinion 

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