My Latch diary

For the past few weeks Little Man has been trying the Munchkin Latch bottles.  I am always a little apprehensive when trying Little Man with a new bottle, as his tongue tie has meant he has had difficulty latching with some bottles, and with others although he latches he is unable to get his milk out the bottle, as his milk is extra thick due to his reflux medication.

We started with using the teat for 3-6 months, medium flow, as Little Man is almost 5 months old.  To my surprise his milk flowed easily through the teat and Little Man had no difficulty latching on.

Munchkin Latch bottles are anti colic.  In all the bottles we have tried, I have never seen an anti colic valve like the one in the Latch bottles.  At the base of the bottle is a one way anti colic valve.  This ensures air does not travel through the milk.

In addition the Latch bottle also has an accordion style teat.  This moves and flexes as baby moves which means Little Man always kept his latch.  In doing so he ingests less air, and therefore colic is reduced.  

This accordion style teat also mimics breastfeeding, in that it stretches and it also releases varying flows of milk dependant on the pressure baby puts on the teat.  The teat on the first cup also follows this same style and shape, allowing baby to transition from bottle to cup with ease.

It took Little Man a few attempts to master the cup but his preference is very much the bottle.

I do wish the Munchkin Latch bottles had been around with the girls, as then I might have been able to combination feed.  I was impressed that Little Man had no problems using the Latch bottles, and managed first time to empty a full 5oz. 

Thank you to Munchkin for sending the Latch bottle to try, Little Man has been very impressed.  He has had no colic, and he can use his refulx milk in the bottle too!

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